Online Freebies That Are Available to You Now

The person who said “There is no free lunch!” just didn’t know where to look! The internet has made a number of things possible that no one before its creation would have believed. For those of us looking to save money, pinch pennies or in any words be “frugal” there is a world of services online, below are a few of the best.

Free Samples

There are companies online that in exchange for your opinions will send you free samples from top retailers. Sample your favorites or try something new for free.


Who doesn’t love a discount? Getting something you wanted cheaper is a great feeling but getting it cheaper than other people is even better. Online coupons are often exclusives and higher discounts on a wider range of items than traditional hunt and clip paper coupons, best of all you can easily search for what you want or need to save on. Gas, Groceries, Ink, ect there on coupons for all of them and more to be found.

Stay Connected for Free

SafeLink Wireless® provides eligible customers the opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones and their daily life through one of our LifeLine plans. SafeLink offers you a Smartphone or SIM Card along with free minutes, texts and data each month for qualified customers. Customers receive only the finest service and highest quality.

Grant/MoneyFinder (

The proverbial message in a bottle containing a mysterious map with a series of riddles and an X marking a promise of untold riches if only you can discover its location. The fantasy of finding buried treasure is well known as depicted over and over on the big screen and in print, everyone wants to find riches with no strings attached. In contrast to this fantasy you really can find funds that are unclaimed or that are ready to be granted to the right seeker.

Credit score check

Do you know what your credit score is? If not you should! Even if you aren’t looking to get a loan your credit score could still save you thousands by alerting you to credit card changes, bad information and identity theft. If you have never checked your credit score or haven’t checked in the last 6 months its past time that you do. The process is simple and gives you all the information you need.

Gift Cards

Money trapped on a plastic card just waiting to be given to someone to spend. Gift cards are an excellent gift, reward or general way to send money to another person securely. A number of companies online have figured out that people love gift cards and have started using them as ways to reward users that are willing to help them out with customer feedback to improve marketing or get preferred product lines. For a few minutes of your time you can qualify for gift cards as high as $100 from premium retailers.