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Different Types of Credit Cards – How To Choose

There's no debate that every adult needs at least one credit card with an available open balance. After that you have some decisions to make and it can be ...

Know these Year-End Tax Tips for 2018

We officially put 2018 in the rearview mirror the second the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, yet there is at least one way you still need to rewind ...

12 Things to Know About Home Repair Loans

Homeowners will typically agree that the "work is never done". There is rarely a time when there is no "to do" list or set of projects that need to be ...

Burglars Don’t Want You to Know These Things about Home Security

Though it doesn't seem like a natural fit, a surprising number of burglars are also quite adept at home security systems. Not only do they know how most ...

Do You Need a Permit for Your Renovation?

The rise of companies that obtain permits needed for any sort of home improvement or renovation has been quite sudden and strong. That is because, as one ...

Should You Buy a Home Warranty? How to Judge for Yourself

It is unfortunate that so many of us turn down the option of a home warranty when we first buy a new home. Why? Because it can be a way of offsetting enormous ...

How to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer

We all know one of those people or couples who seem to have a home that looks like it fell right out of a design magazine. You ask them where they get their ...

Purchasing a Home? | Tips for Home Buyers

Buying a home is always an exciting venture. Whether it is newly built or an older home in need of repairs, the fact that you are acquiring a home all your own ...

Common Misconceptions about Homeownership

Are you among the millions of people who consider homeownership a dream? Do you think of it as the pinnacle of maturity and adulthood? If so, you are like many ...

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