2019 Horoscope – Close the Decade On Top

2019 may be the final year of a decade, but your horoscope could point you toward one of the strongest of years, as well as set the benchmark for what the 2020s could do for you. 2019 is shaping up to work strongly for Sagittarius, but there are several other signs with excellent forecasts.

Fire Signs

The notorious fire bound with enthusiasm and a drive to succeed figures to factor in well this year. Sagittarius will benefit the most, and the arrival of Love goddess Venue with no retrograde periods promises to deliver exciting old or new romance.


The powerful Mars will serve as your ruler which bodes nicely. The boost in strength and energy will drive you toward fulfilling ambitions and goals. The sun, which serves as your sign from late-March through the end of April will help with courage and spontaneity. Just watch your burnout near the end of the year.


The Leo got to experience a full moon (and super-moon) at the end of January which got the year started off on the right foot. The Leo can expect big changes and some drama to go along with it. One crucial month is July (where Venus enters you sign). For these six weeks you will expect to not only stand out but get acknowledged for it. So consider the pros and cons, but as a Leo were guessing you already think you’re pretty great.


Sagittarius figures to light 2019 on fire. Perhaps you did not know this, but these 12 months are the year of Saturn. Technically, November 2018 kicked off the 12 months as the planetary ruler (Jupiter) went into his own sign.

The cosmic homecoming only occurs every 12 years, so 2019 is destined for greatness for Sagittarius. Saturn, along with the other fire elements, is already known for its action and leadership so focus on achievements. Whether you are enthusiastic about something different, or looking to thrive on goals you’ve already established expect to find success.

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