Can We Make College Free?

Did you know that the average student pays $34,700 per year for an education at a private college and nearly $10,000 per year for a public college? Additionally, the yearly average for a public college education skyrockets if you attend an out-of-state university where the average is more than $25,000 per year.

Can you afford those numbers?

For most college students the answer is a resounding “hell, no!”. So where do you get the funds? The Obama administration made it substantially easier for students to afford college by expanding federal aid through the FAFSA program. However, student grants, personal savings, and contributions from friends and family are still often not enough.

Scholarships are regularly overlooked when it comes to suitable options to finance a higher education. Many students falsely believe that scholarships are only provided for brilliant students that perform exceptionally well on the ACT or SAT, or are too time consuming. That is wrong. There are actually a fair number of scholarships that do not require a 10,000 word essay or letters of reference.

Here are a few of the simplest to apply for that will help make college free for you!

Express Medical Supply Scholarship

You probably already use Twitter on a daily basis so why not use it to make college free? The Express Medical Supply Scholarship has a simple request. All you need to do is tweet a photo of yourself that “represents the heart of your hometown” and explain it in 108 characters or less. The award amount is $500 for approximately 10 minutes worth of your time. You would be foolish to not enter this simple to apply award (worth $500).

Please keep in mind the Express Medical Supply Scholarship is only available to students already enrolled in college. Learn more about the opportunity at:

 Youth Forward Scholarship

The Youth Forward Scholarship requires an essay, yet it is not to exceed 500 words. The topic is about your commitment to volunteerism. Compared to most scholarship essays that is a breeze, as 500 words doesn’t take up more than a couple of Word document pages. The deadline for the award is usually at the beginning of December. The scholarship is open to high school students as well as students already enrolled in college. Three different awards are handed out at $1,500 apiece.

Learn more about the Youth Forward program at:

 You spend a great deal of time in school learning about successful people so why not create a resume based on one? It is the objective behind the Resume Genius Scholarship that awards $1,000 to already enrolled college students. The character you select can be fictional or non-fictional and from history, literature, entertainment or pop culture.

Learn more at:

Google Global Science Fair

Unlike the Express Medical Supply and Youth Forward Scholarships, the Google Global Science Fair hands out a massive award to its recipient — $50,000. The scholarship is open to students between the age of 13 and 18. Submission is rather straightforward and easy: all you need to do is create a two-minute video or 20-slide presentation that gives a brief overview of your science project.

Since you will already be assigned a science project in middle and/or high school, why not do a little extra homework and enter for the Google Global Science Fair at the same time?

The deadline to enter is usually mid-December. Students may enter individually or in a group of two or three. Check with the official website ( for more details.