Burglars Don’t Want You to Know These Things about Home Security

Though it doesn’t seem like a natural fit, a surprising number of burglars are also quite adept at home security systems. Not only do they know how most systems operate, but they also know a lot of the vulnerabilities in the systems. Let’s look at five issues that relate to your home security that most burglars and would-be burglars would prefer you not know:

  • System panels are often in plain sight – This shouldn’t matter, right? However, as many home burglaries occur during broad daylight, and even when someone is at home, it does matter. That is because a panel in plain sight from the front door or a nearby window can let the eagle-eyed burglar gauge whether the system is active, or not. Even though an activated alarm may not deter a determined housebreaker, seeing it is not active when no one is around is irresistible to most.
  • Many alarms are not set – Most homeowners know that their protection is active only if the home security system is set and active. Yet, one survey done by the Nationwide insurance company found that 30% of homeowners would fail to activate the system when running errands or stepping out for a short time.
  • Master bath vulnerability – One of the most vulnerable areas in most home security systems is the bath – particularly a master bathroom. It is a favorite point of entry for many burglars and is a real jackpot because it also heads into a master bedroom where jewelry, watches, costly electronics and other expensive items are within easy reach. As one expert said, “Even if you forgo window sensors to save on an alarm system, consider having a single one installed on this window at least.”
  • Sound is effective – Your home security system does not get the police to the house in seconds. Instead, it takes a few minutes for everything to get into action, and in that time, a burglar can grab many costly and precious belongings. However, a system with a loud siren or alarm does draw attention. This can often cause a burglar to hesitate or even retreat because they are unsure about how to get in without others seeing them.
  • Breaking glass is often ignored – Did you know that even the world’s most curious (i.e., nosey) neighbors are apt to ignore the sound of breaking glass? Most may hear it, but studies suggest many would not investigate; assuming it was inside the home and something you did yourself. However, let that sound occur twice, and most will call the police. What this means is that you need to install a system that can detect intrusions as well as the sound of breaking glass.

While no home security is 100% guaranteed to chase away burglars, when you know what they know, you can take steps to make your security the type that does scare away even the boldest villains.