7 Signs You Need a Water Softener

Do you suffer from dry and itchy skin even if you drink plenty of water and use lots of moisturizer? If so, it could be that you actually have “hard water” in your home. What is that? Hard water is water with a very high mineral content and is often the result of groundwater having percolated down through many layers of limestone, chalk and other calcium-based deposits. Though the minerals themselves are harmless to you when drinking, there are some disturbing issues it can cause. they include:

  • Sinks and tubs with unusual stains
  • High water bills due to appliances working harder
  • Clothing wearing out quickly because of minerals in the washing machine water
  • Residues and fogging on classes and plates
  • Dull feel to clothing or linens
  • A buildup of scale on faucets
  • Flat hair and very dry, itchy skin
  • Low water pressure due to buildup in pipes

One or more of these problems is a sign you might have hard water, and it does not matter whether you have a private well or you get your water from a municipality or city supply.

Are these the only indicators that you have hard water? No, there are a few other ways to determine whether or not it is the case. The important point is that if you do have hard water, you must do something about it. The simplest solution is a water softener. This is a device that uses special materials to remove the minerals causing the problems. As the title above indicates, there are seven no-fail signs it is time to get a water softener.

The signs that are irrefutable evidence that you need a softener include:

  1. Scale or deposits on tea kettles, taps, and appliances – When this occurs, it means you have build up in the pipes and will soon have defective plumbing
  2. Glasses and glassware gets brittle – Do you break glass easily? If so, it could be due to the buildup of minerals.
  3. Hair and skin issues – Hard water dries out the skin and hair by allowing minerals to sit on the skin and not be removed by soap or shampoo. It is very irritating and can make even healthy skin dry and leathery.
  4. Your clothes fade fast – If you wash a towel ten to 20 times and it loses a lot of its color, it may not be poor manufacturing, but is instead hard water pulling color out of the fabrics
  5. Kitchen and bathroom sinks or tubs are stained – Mineral residues are quite unsightly and are the result of small pools of water being left around drains or clinging to the surface. As the water evaporates, it leaves the minerals which lead to unwelcome stains
  6. Plumbing repairs are ongoing – If you find yourself calling the plumber a lot, it is likely that the limescale buildup in your pipes is to blame, and this is a direct result of hard water
  7. You use a lot of water – If your pipes work harder to get water through them, you’ll have much higher bills or waste a lot of well water
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