Are Home Security Systems Worth It? 13 Alarming Facts

Home security is no joke, and as the years have passed, it has become far more common. Sadly, this increase in home security is not linked to the advances in technology but is rather due to increasing numbers of home burglaries and invasions. The good news is that even the most basic system is far more affordable than ever, and will rarely involve hours of costly installation or high priced gadgetry.

Are they worth it? For the most part, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. While there are always pros and cons to any sort of home security system, if you examine your goals before making a choice, it is always going to be well worth the cost of the installation and service.

As one expert in security and finance has written, “If you just want to deter burglars, maybe some cheaper measures will be good enough. Or maybe you want your home to be more protected. A home security system doesn’t only monitor the home for burglary activity; many also offer fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring.”

Yes, you might be paying for services and systems that you never technically use, but just as you pay for any number of insurance policies, there are many benefits to making those payments. Let’s look at those 13 “alarming” facts about modern home security:

  1. Thieves are deterred by them – Surveys have revealed that 60% of potential burglars admit they opt out of even an attempt at breaking in if there is a home security system.
  2. Decreasing crime rates – In addition to deterring burglars from attempting to enter your home, it also protects your neighbors as criminals admit they steer clear of neighborhoods when multiple alarm systems are active.
  3. They are multi-taskers – With today’s technological advances, it is easy to have a system with fire and smoke alarms, water sensors that detect leaking in ceilings and on floors, and even some with gas monitors.
  4. They can have monitors for medical emergencies – With some systems, you can have life monitoring activated and this can get medical help to your home in minutes when prompted.
  5. Monitoring is not free, but is now more affordable – In the past, monitoring could be a very costly issue. Today, though, there are options for affordable and advanced monitoring.
  6. They help even if you are burgled – Studies reveal that your financial losses in the event of burglary are actually reduced by a security system because thieves know they have only moments to do what they came to do.
  7. Insurance companies approve – You may enjoy a reduction in premiums when you have a system installed.
  8. Buyers approve – Though it is not a huge amount, you will find that many buyers are happy to pay a bit more for a home with a security system installed.
  9. You can do it DIY – Today’s marketplace affords the DIY advocates the option of installing their own gear and working with monitoring companies afterward.
  10. They can be part of a smart home – You can include your security in your smart home tech, and get it connected to door locks, lights and more.
  11. They can differentiate between intruders and pets or kids – Modern sensors can distinguish between adults and kids, as well as pets, preventing false alarms.
  12. They are more affordable than ever – From the gear and installation to the monitoring, they are more affordable than ever before.