How Many Movers Do I Need?

Here’s something you don’t want to hear or think when moving day arrives: “Wow, we needed a lot more help than we have!” Of course, you might be on top of the issue of help on moving day, but you might still wonder just how many movers is enough. As one expert said, that is a “classic dilemma”. After all, you don’t want to see two movers struggling and exhausted, but you also don’t want to pay five people when three could have done the job easily.To overcome this dilemma, let’s consider a few basic questions that, when answered, will give you a good idea of the number of movers you’ll need.

The Size of Your Team
First things first, before even considering how many movers to hire, you need to take a look at your belongings. Now is the time to eliminate things you won’t need, want or pay to move. Use the iconic “keep, give away, sell and toss” system. Many people find they are ready to part with a lot of things rather than move them.

So, whether your move is across town or across the country, moving out and moving into the new place typically demands help. How much? Here’s how to get the best idea of the number of people will be best:

  • Do you have friends who can help? If so, can they do heavy lifting or are they better suited to help you pack and tote boxes? And, what is their scheduling?
  • What special items are included? Do you have a piano, hot tub, appliances, oversized furniture…and so on? You have to know that because oversized items usually mean at least three people to move them.
  • How much stuff is going to be moved? Again, as that same expert pointed out, the size of your space “will play a major role in your decision about how many movers you should hire”. Typically, you will want to consider average weights assigned to average home sizes.
    • For example, a studio apartment is typically going to have a total weight of 2k pounds or less in goods and belongings. An apartment is around 3k pounds, a two-bedroom home around 6k pounds and a three-bedroom property around 9k pounds. The heavier the load, the more movers are needed.
  • How fast do you need the job done? As you might guess, the more movers the faster the job. If you have only a day to empty the home and relocate everything to the new place, you’ll probably want no less than four movers. This number can usually empty a home in under three hours and then unload everything in that same amount of time.

Relocating is a tough job, but professional movers make it far easier. At Moving Place you can find quick online quotes for your job or look for movers in your area to begin making plans for a seamless and faster moving day than ever before.