DIY Upgrades for Under $100

Did you read that title and scoff at the idea that you can upgrade anything in your home for only $100 or less? The good news is that you were wrong in thinking that way. There are dozens of ways you can do small upgrades that, as the experts at Popular Mechanics say, “can have a big impact on your quality of living.”

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most ingenious ideas of this kind and help you take that $100 windfall and turn it into an upgrade for your home. However, before we do that, it is essential to consider one key fact. It is this: your $100 could be easily wasted if you are not up to the task at hand. We are entirely behind the DIY concept, but be sure you can do the job to the best degree possible.

For example, one suggestion we would make in order to upgrade your home affordably is to improve your shower-head. Though DIY experts will tell you that it is an easy thing for a novice to tackle, it is not always the case. Instead, it might be best to take some of that money and pay a professional to do the installation. Yes, you might breach the $100 budget (barely), but the results will be far better.

You can find your local, affordably priced, experts using the Home Advisor resource. They’ll get competitive bids that let you make the most of your upgrade budget!
Now that you have that in mind, here are our best suggestions for DIY and affordable upgrades.

  • Privacy walls – Did you know that $100 and a day of work in your garden can yield significant returns? You can invest in potted plants such as evergreens or bamboo (both are well suited to most zones or climates) and space them accordingly. In just a year or so, you’ll have an aesthetically appealing “natural” wall that gives you the much-deserved privacy you crave.
  • Do deadbolts – Rekeying your home is a good idea if you are not the only person to have owned it. Experts suggest using options that allow you to rekey yourself, without a locksmith, in the future, but to also invest in the best bump-resistant deadbolts you can find.
  • Install ceiling fans – Overhead lighting is a standard item in most homes, and you can upgrade the climate controls in almost any sort of room by swapping out that light with a stylish ceiling fan. They keep cool air circulating in the summer and can be an ideal source of circulation at any time.
  • Home lighting – You can install smart lighting devices that allow you to control interior lights via an app. You can add dimming switches and timers, too. These make your home lighting far more appealing and distinctly upgraded!

That is just a few options, and you’ll want to look around and figure out what other things you can do with $100. New drawer pulls update a kitchen, coat of paint can work wonders, LED lights beneath cabinets create a lot of visual appeal…the list is endless!